Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eclipsecon recommendations...

Eclipse-con allows you to write your personal recommendations which talks you think are interesting and what you want to attend. Just look at this, at the bottom you can choose which recommendations you want to highlight. It's a cool idea. So, I did it. I created an new eclipsezilla entry of type "Recommendation". Then I read the program and I wrote down my thoughts while deciding which talks I want to attend. Just use the eclisezilla id of the talk (the ...id=123) and put cite it as 'submission #123' in the text. My recommendation got be accepted :-)

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  1. For those who missed EclipseCon, Ward Cunningham discussed his keynote in this audio interview:

    In a 20-minute MP3 audio interview, Ward Cunningham of the Eclipse Foundation and the father of wiki, discusses social software and global collaboration. He advocates extreme programming and agile development and believes Eclipse is mastering in a big way what wiki mastered in a small way.