Friday, August 01, 2008

Emfatic downlowad and update site available...

I like Emfatic a lot. It is a very cool textual representation of EMF ecore files. The Emfatic has a nice text editor for .emf files. Much easier to edit than the graphical ecore editor. It was originally created by Chris Daly and made available at IBM alphaworks under a restrictive license. Some time ago it became an eclipse project.

Unfortunately, I could not find a download or update site for the open source emfatic (which has quite some enhancements over the alphaworks version). Only some build instruction. I build it following the "instructions" (which is a simple screen-shot of the projects in cvs, enough for "experts"). Then I realized it also needs org.antlr-2.7.7, which cannot be hosted at because of IP (copyright) issues. I could not find the org.antlr-2.7.7 plugin. I had to create it.

I am sure I am not the only one who simply wants to download emfatic. So, I decided to make my build available.

Here is my emfatic download site it has a zip with emfatic and antlr file that can be dropped into an p2 drop-in folder or used as extension location (it already contains the .eclipseextension file).

And for those who like to use the update manager, I created an update site with emfatic and antlr:

Note the emfatic plugins it require Java 1.5!


  1. Emfatic is without a doubt the best way to create an Ecore model (in my not so humble opinion of course :-)

    The new emfatic editor has some nice updates, and its nice to be able to download it from somewhere other than CVS.

    I also appreciate when I find eclipse plugins that are available for download, so that I can install it into an extension location instead of using the update manager.

  2. Hi Michael,

    antlr IP is really a nightmare. Speaking of antlr 2.7.x, all CQs has been regularly rejected for a while now for pedigree related problems. I had some hope it will be possible to integrate antlr v3.x ... And IP problem stroke again ... The reason is that Emfatic antlr lexer/parser generation tooling is actually relying on ... antlr v2.x runtime.

    This makes me really mad while it is impossible to publish any IP "clean" build untill we get an alternative or a at least a compromise specifically aggreed on use antlr 3.x tooling.

    hope I have been intelligle ;-)

  3. Lucas, Antlr 3.0 is approved as far as I know so you should be good to transition there. I'm not sure how painful it would be to transition, but I wish you luck. Emfatic was the best way to create EMF models for me like 4 years ago :)

  4. Chris, and what do you use today?

  5. Chris,

    I must precise it is ANTLR 3.0 *Runtime* that has been approved.

    ANTLR comes with other fancy stuff like *Tool*.

    So considering ANTLR 3.0 as a set of several components including *Runtime*. Assertion ANTLR 3.0 is approved isn't that true. Only ANTLR 3.0 Runtime is !

    In EMfatic when taking a closer look, ANTLR 3.0 *Tooling* relies on ANTLR 2.7.x *Runtim* which CQs had been rejected.

    EMFatic need ANTLR 3.0 *Tooling* to generate lexers/parsers based infrastructure from an antlr grammar definition.

    So, considering previous demonstration, building EMFatic with current implmentation will lead to use and link to non IP compliant stuff. Which is non EPL compliant. This is my point, I suspect it to be valid. We probably need a deep investigation with foundation legal teal involved.


  6. Michael,

    I have patches that add support for eKeys on references as well as Ant tasks that are facades for the EmfaticGenerator and EcoreGeneartor features in Emfatic if you are interested.

    I also want to know what tools Chris recommended that he uses instead of Emfatic. I am an active user of OpenArchitectureWare / XText which is a GREAT way to go from a textual model to an Ecore model - but would love to hear what others are using as well.

    Thanks for making your update site available - I wish I had discovered it sooner :)


    Zay Collier