Friday, March 20, 2009

New Book: Eclipse für C/C++-Programmierer

I just got a copy of Eclipse für C/C++-Programmierer by Sebastian Bauer, the first German CDT book. The first impression is very good. This book is ideal for C/C++ developers who are new to eclipse and new to CDT, but it also has a few gems for more experienced users. It covers a wide range of topics (see the table of contents), it is well written and takes a very good route to get started with CDT. Although it has a lot of screen shots, I don't have the impression there are too many, because they complement the written text in a very good way. It has a very good balance between practical tips and explaining the concepts and ideas behind CDT.

This book is the missing manual for CDT! It should be delivered with each copy of CDT. I wish it would be available in English because it deserves a wide audience.


  1. Is there a similar "missing manual" for English-speaking CDT users? The CDT docs and random developerWorks articles aren't cutting it for me.

  2. There are no books available in market on this topic (except free online stuff) and if you can just translate it to English it can become a money churning machine for you!