Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Update manager battle: the players Yoxos - YUM - eclipse...


I am very frustrated with the eclipse update manager. In my opinion, it is simply unusable. But what are the alternatives? A few weeks ago, I bought a 1 year subscription of yoxos for $99. Unfortunately, since then, no new updates appeared on my yoxos update manager. The yoxos update manager is quite cool. It's a perspective that allows you to select the plugins you want:

This looks very much like the yoxos on demand site (yes, this is a screenshot of an ajax application!):

I don't know how it works, when new updates are available, but I expect it will work smoothly (well, I payed for it -- therefore it has to work ;-))

TUM - Tikal Update Manager

TUM (Tikal Update Manager) is a open source project forge project called tikal run by Tikal.

They create a dialog with some cool icons. Yoxos seems much more mature, but TUM was just announced....

The Eclipse Update Manager

The eclipse update manager seems also to be enhanced. I have not seen it (because I hope for yoxos to install it for me...), but the screenshots seem promising.

The battle shall start...

I really hope that finally the update manager gets more attention. My favorite is clearly yoxos, because they don't use annoying blocking dialogs, but a perspective. The funny thing is, that eclipse 1 used a perspective as well, and in eclipse 2 it became wizard based...


  1. I find it funny that you refer to Yoxos as cool and you seem to regard it as the best choice out there, even though you have not seen it in action yet.

    Not a single update yet :)

  2. I used an older version with free updates. And it was quite cool.... :-D