Tuesday, October 25, 2005

CDT: Mike Milinkovich starting talk

- eclipse fondation does not dictate what to do
- next june 9 projects will ship at the seame time next
- last 13 month committers doubled
- 3 * startegic membership
- cdt should become over-night sensation
- escape the java ghetto
- eclipse is not only about java
- eclipse ia about more language and platforms
- even microsoft regognizes eclipse: do you know how
expensive it is to use eclipse?
- eclipse commiters work for companies
- being predictable is very important
- eclipse wants to be predictable
- as apposed to GNU
- at appache it juts happens
- fundation wants to make the life of projects easy!
- commiters now live in silos
- Ward Cunningham will be the "free radical"
- break walls between projects
- about dev. process
- nurture committer culture
- we want people to feel proud to work for eclipse
- eclipse needs more successes
- cdt should become more successfull
- software takes time...
- php projects will be part of eclipse
- eclipse acts as a bridge to other OS
- linux
- mozilla as scalability
- big value of eclipse is how to embrace commercial

Q: have a session for managers about eclipse
A: business track at eclipsecon. There was also a panel.