Thursday, January 26, 2006

Two projects approved: Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) and Native Application Builder (eWideStudio)

Yesterday I attended the the creation review of two projects, both are part of the DSDP (Device Software Development Platform) top level project:
  • Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ): The project provides tools for java development on mobile devices. A kind of PDE for mobile devices. It does not provide any library on the devices, but tools for developers to create software on those devices. It deals with deployment to a development target (emulator or real target), device emulators, the build process and debugging. Nokia, from Finland, is the driving force.
  • Native Application Builder (eWideStudio): There is a cool Japanese open source UI library called WideStudio/MWT. It runs on all kind of operating systems but is also tuned for mobile devices. If you have ever been in Japan, you might know that Japan are far ahead when it comes to mobile devices compared to US and Europe. This project will integrate this library into eclipse and CDT. There's also a UI builder for eclipse (I should have asked if it is integrated into VE or if it is independent). There is some overlap with eRCP and eSWT, but this is a C/C++ library. Since it's Japanese (sponsored by Fujitsu), you don't have to worry about problems with 16 bit characters ;-).

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A List of all Component Areas of Platform UI

Platform UI is divided into more than 50 areas, like JFace, KeyBindings, ProgressBar, Viewers, Wizards, IDE etc. In bugzilla, bugs are tagged with square brackets in the bug report subject headings to indicate the affected area.

TheComponent Areas for Platform UI lists the name, a short description, a link to the related bugs and the owner of the component area.

It's also a cool starting point to understand what is in the eclipse platform....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eclipsecon recommendations...

Eclipse-con allows you to write your personal recommendations which talks you think are interesting and what you want to attend. Just look at this, at the bottom you can choose which recommendations you want to highlight. It's a cool idea. So, I did it. I created an new eclipsezilla entry of type "Recommendation". Then I read the program and I wrote down my thoughts while deciding which talks I want to attend. Just use the eclisezilla id of the talk (the and put cite it as 'submission #123' in the text. My recommendation got be accepted :-)