Friday, August 01, 2008

Emfatic downlowad and update site available...

I like Emfatic a lot. It is a very cool textual representation of EMF ecore files. The Emfatic has a nice text editor for .emf files. Much easier to edit than the graphical ecore editor. It was originally created by Chris Daly and made available at IBM alphaworks under a restrictive license. Some time ago it became an eclipse project.

Unfortunately, I could not find a download or update site for the open source emfatic (which has quite some enhancements over the alphaworks version). Only some build instruction. I build it following the "instructions" (which is a simple screen-shot of the projects in cvs, enough for "experts"). Then I realized it also needs org.antlr-2.7.7, which cannot be hosted at because of IP (copyright) issues. I could not find the org.antlr-2.7.7 plugin. I had to create it.

I am sure I am not the only one who simply wants to download emfatic. So, I decided to make my build available.

Here is my emfatic download site it has a zip with emfatic and antlr file that can be dropped into an p2 drop-in folder or used as extension location (it already contains the .eclipseextension file).

And for those who like to use the update manager, I created an update site with emfatic and antlr:

Note the emfatic plugins it require Java 1.5!