Friday, May 05, 2006

How to start the OSGI console?

Yesterday, I posted two bugs for 3.2. For both bugs I got the reply I should use the osgi console to get some information. In one case to get the loaded plugins and in the other case to get a stracktrace of all threads. So, how to start the osgi console?

I found the Gathering Information About Your Plug-in page.

On windows you have to start eclipse with java.exe (instead of javaw.exe) in odrer to ge a console window. Therefore, add -vm C:\YOURVMPATH\bin\java.exe tho the eclipse start command (or shortcut). To get the OSGI console -consol as startup parameter.

Now to see all plugins (and the state of the plugins) simply type ss into the console. To get a stracktrace of all threads hit ctrl-break in the console window (I had a hard time finding the break key on my keyboard. it's the top right key on my keyboard)